Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of XR-specific hardware do I need to get started?

None. We'll explore your XR needs to find the right equipment for your experiences.

What kind of development experience do I need?

None. We'll work together to define your requirements to build your original, adaptive experience.‍

What assets should I have prepared?

None. We'll determine the best way to acquire assets for your XR experience. If you have models or visuals ready, we can always start with those.

What instructional design experience do I need to get started?

None. You're the subject matter expert (SME) for these XR experiences. We'll work together to define your best-in-class experience.

I don't know where to get started with VR (virtual reality), where should I start?

Look into acquiring a cost-effective headset that can help you visualize the 3D digital space. It will help you consider what to make, but please do not limit your imagination to create the experiences of your dreams.

What are some common examples of AR (augmented reality)?

You might use them quite frequently without even realizing it. Face filters on chat apps, object placement in rooms for shopping apps, or even voice assistants for driving apps. These all augment your actual reality.