Upcoming Events

FE Meetup

April 4-9, 2024 in Maine

Create some wonderful connections on this beautiful realm. Find out if we're coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

This idea started last year, and will be unfolding within a handful of days for the wonderful people who have crossed paths during the nightly TikTok lives. Those who were meant to meet there will be there.

The landing page has been updated a few more times since the last newsletter. An approximate itinerary was included and please RSVP as soon as you can.

Ongoing Events

Waking People Up

Nightly at 10 pm Pacific on TikTok

Awaken to Your Reality. Feel free to join us for a fun discussion. Drop a greeting in the comments, so we can see you. Be respectful and have a wonderful time!

Tethered to Reality

Wednesdays at 7 pm Pacific and Sundays at 8 pm Pacific in VRChat

Come join for a fun discussion to explore the infrastructure of this extended reality. Bring an open mind about the reality that you are currently living in. There will be numerous topics to explore including dreams, spirituality, simulations, technology, and other experiences that take place on this beautiful Earth. Be respectful and have a wonderful time!

Add the username, BasedXR, to find and join us in VRChat!